1 — Team Miss Moose: Jeff Hillbury and Suzanne Steele aboard “Miss Moose” (17′ Siren)


Jeff Hillbury, of the internationally renowned Travelling Hillburys, hails from Denman Island. Having explored nearly every hillside in B.C., Jeff has now turned his attention to some of the wetter parts of this country. After outliving his old Atkin double ender, Jeff has a new vessel.

Jeff: “I moved to Granite Bay on Quadra Island at the age of 12, built a Sabot in a woodworking shop and sailed all over the Kanish Bay area as a kid. When I met my previous wife, we bought and lived aboard a 36’ Atkin (“Cleone”) with Comox as home port, and raised two kids aboard to the age of 6. I’ve always been a cruiser. I entered the Shark spit regatta three times, and am proud to say, never came in last. Suffice to say that my racing skills are lacking, but I’m an expert at keeping the water on the outside of the boat. I also have a guitar, and am not afraid to use it.”

Suzanne: “I don’t have a lot of experience sailing but I crewed on Miss Moose from Banff to Lake Winnipeg in 2015: an eight week, 2200 km. trip. I grew up in Vancouver and have always wanted to see the waters of my coast.”

She’s a 17’ “Siren” fitted with a drop keel. Not a classic design. “Miss Moose” is the boat that Suzanne Steele and I chose to navigate the entire North Saskatchewan river from the Saskatchewan glacier in the Columbia ice fields in Banff National Park, to Lake Winnipeg Manitoba. A journey of approx. 2200 Km. Don’t be put off by the outboard,. Notwithstanding a dash to make last call in Edmonton, she was rowed/sailed until well into Manitoba. We’re super exited about the Raid.  Miss Moose brought us through prairie storms, class 2+ rapids and literally wore the bottom off of her pushing across gravel bars. We’d love to show her a more sublime cruising experience.

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