6 — Team Do Something: Ron Mueller and Ben Stevens aboard “Pas Assez” (14’ Ilur)



Ron enjoyed the first two Shipyard Raids with Ben joining him to win the 2006 Shipyard Raid in Mother Merry – based on his Merry Wherrys. Imagine a French design, built by a German, painted Irish Green – did we mention it has Swedish oars? The Ilur has a great rough water cruising reputation and should be just the ticket for these northern waters.

Ron has been paddling and sailing for nearly fifty years in western waters and is not about to stop now! Having just sold Just Enuf, a 19’ power catamaran, he looks forward to a active summer enjoying his new Ilur. Ben has been enjoying small watercraft – canoes, kayaks, rowing shells, daysailors – for an equal time and really enjoys camp cruising in small boats. Both of us are looking forward to windy northern Salish Sea sailing – we are tired of just rowing fast!

Ilur is a 14’ sail/oar boat designed by Francois Vivier. Two Ilurs have been to Ile of Sein, at the extreme west of France, one of the worst places to go with tremendous tides and the difficult sea conditions. Ilur is deep and wide with a generous freeboard for good seakeeping ability – in the “sail and oar” spirit.

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