2 — Team LUNA: Dale and Chris Simonson aboard LUNA


My first “capital R” raid was the 2018 Barefoot, but I’d been working up to it all my life. Not very efficiently, however… I’m a little old guy, a complete weakling, with the smallest boat that is able to register (by ignoring its 1-inch shortfall of length requirement). A brainwave occurred at the last minute before that event… I convinced a very strong, and much younger, rower to jump ship and sign on with LUNA, which made the whole affair almost possible. Well actually, that adventure turned out to be so easy 😉 this year I’m raising the stakes, foregoing the unfair advantage of big burly Tim at the oars, and signing up my 125-lb wife (Filleting Queen, Chris) as crew. Watch out, you whippersnappers!!

LUNA is an almost 12′ long SCAMP, built in my single-car townhouse garage, that has taken me and my beloved (and occasionally other much-loved crew members) on the most amazing adventures from the Salish Seas to the Columbia River. Our most recent longish voyage was this year’s Salish 100, Olympia to Port Townsend… by sail and oar only.

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