1 – Team Not Afraid to Get Wet (NATGW): Heidi Baxter, Tor Baxter and Amy Soper aboard “Alfred” (or ??)

Alfred: the 2019 raiding vessel of Heidi and Tor.

Small boat curious. Dual hull experimenting for an enhanced experience. Okay to get wet and try again. Love making spinnaker sail contraptions on the fly. Shoreline exploring can sometimes take precedence over race rule directions. Especially liked crossing over race tracks to see faster boats on occasion. Hoping to improve.

There ain’t no place I’d rather be
Than out on the Salish Sea
With the likes of you scallywag twinkly eyed rascals
You salty big hearted barnacles
Sailing to and rowing fro
Beachin’ n swimmin’ and nesting in trees
Contemplatin’ on stars.. whistlin’ barefoot n free

  • 2018 results: placed #09 Alfred Greenling (Heidi and Ingrid, and Tor) — 74 points
  • 2019 results: placed #10. Further In Time (Heidi and Tor) – 103 points

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