4 – Team Cheese Whizzz: Robin Slieker aboard “Cheese” (Tornado 20′)

Cheese the Tornado.

My boat is a Tornado, the 20 foot, twin trapeze Olympic sailing catamaran. I’ve modified mine slightly by adding wing seats. This is the second Tornado I’ve owned because they’re such great crafts

Robin: I’m not a rower, I’m a sailor, as in actually sailing. I was fortunate to experience sailing at a young age thanks to my mother. My first sailboat was a tornado which I sailed from Sydney, Victoria to Port Hardy via Johnny Strait and everywhere in between for many summers. I love sailing, small boats, and adventure. I like to sail fast and then get real slow on the beach👻💛👣👀👽

Tim: i love boating about aswell as kicking back at the seashore

  • 2019 results: 4th place Cheese Balls (Robin Slieker and Tim Santon) – 35

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