10 – Team Bunny Whaler: Cooper Rooks aboard “Bunny Whaler” (Boston Whaler Harpoon 5.2)


Bunny Whaler: self bailing, sliding seat rowing, 3x reef full batten main, reefable jib, asymmetrical spinnaker. “Unsinkable” but usually wet.

I’m a middle school teacher. I have loved sailing since I bought an El Toro for $50 and a batch of homemade pasta from my neighbor at age 8. I raced lasers in high school, cruised and raced a Moore 24 during my 20’s, sailed from Seattle to sail land NZ in 2007,and have been dinghy cruising in my foam filled plastic tub named Bunny Whaler in my 30’s. Finished Race to Alaska in 2016, delivered boats back each summer since. Did the Barefoot Raid 2018, missed 2019 for a delivery, and can’t wait to race and hang with the gang in 2020. Probably bringing Bunny, but working on acquiring a secret wooden speed demon.

  • R2AK 2016 full race: 24th to Ketchikan (23 days 22 hours)
  • R2AK 2017 stage 1: 34th to Victoria
  • 2018 results: 8th place Bunny Whaler (Coop and Nate) — 54 points

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