15 – Team Baum Squad: Mark and Lyle Baumgaertner


A Core Sound 20 MK3 designed by Graham Byrnes of B&B Yacht Designs and built by myself (actually I’m still building it but it will be finished 1April or sooner). The boat is a Cat ketch and Graham designed it specifically for the Everglades Challenge in which it took first in class for the first couple years and has remained competitive throughout.

Mark: Ever since I was a child I have had a love for boats both big and small, with a strong passion for sailing vessels. I have owned everything from an 8′ sailing inflatable I was given to by a neighbor when I was 10 years old. to 40′ Clipper Cheoy Lee Ketch. After owning a large sailboat I realized that I missed sailing in smallcraft and found trailer boat sailing much more rewarding and relaxing. My love of boats and open water led me into a career with the U.S. Coast Guard where I spent the majority of my career operating Surf Rescue Boats on some of the roughest water on the west coast. I have always sought out a good adventure whether it was paddling a canoe through the Bowron Lakes in B.C. or climbing Mt. Rainier I’m looking forward to going on a sailing adventure/race with my son and hoping to meet many new friends who share the same passion as I.

Lyle: This Sailor has spent most of his days sailing the great desert seas with the Army in lan vehicles. What I lack in sailing experience I make up for with quick wit and determination.

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