19 – Team Kingsfold: Gill Bahnsen aboard “Kingsfold” (Stevenson Weekender 16′)


S/V Kingsfold is a Stevenson Weekender (16-foot plywood and stringers, gaff-rigged sailboat) built with some carefully considered and researched modifications to make it safer in the unprotected waters of the Race to Alaska. (Details available here: https://kingsfoldsailboat.blogspot.com/2020/01/some-of-my-thinking-behind-my-changes.html) Not only safer, but more accommodating for a couple of guys to cruise in for extended distances.

25 years ago I got infected with the sailing bug when I got to crew on my older sister’s 27 foot sailboat. That opportunity went away a few years later, but the desire for my own boat remained. In 2011 I bought the plans for a Stevenson Weekender, figuring I could build as I had funds and time. A few years later, I learned about the Race to Alaska and started thinking, “What if?” Then I learned about the Barefoot Raid and Salish 100 and figured, “Hey, those too!” (Lots of details are available on my boat construction blog at www.KingsfoldTravelogues.com.)

2 thoughts on “19 – Team Kingsfold: Gill Bahnsen aboard “Kingsfold” (Stevenson Weekender 16′)

  1. Kingsfold is the name of a Celtic tune that I like to play on penny whistles. Several different sets of lyrics have been put with it. One of them talks about feeling the winds, lifting my sails, and putting back to sea.

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