26 – Team Performance Anxiety: Satchel Douglas


Trying to decide what to take, if it is back from R2Ak in time (sailed by Doug), it will be a first (ex, seascape 18), otherwise a flying dutchman.

Loved sailing so much as kid I went to college to design sailboats, had that beaten out of me by capitalism and now I design ferries! I usually sail big boats, on the pointy end, R2ak twice (once as 2nd loser!), a fair bit of other offshore racing in SF, 3000 offshore delivery miles, TP-52 in seattle for cans. But the joy of small boat sailing is drawing me back to my routs.

One thought on “26 – Team Performance Anxiety: Satchel Douglas

  1. Hey!, nice to meet you. I am also a person who has an endless passion for boats, Maybe one day you and I will meet in the sea, and we can sail together. Keep the passion burning!

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