19. Team Luna: Dale Simonson aboard Luna (12’ ish Scamp Microcruiser)



The second Scamp to enter, these guys are the first pair of matched boats to sign up, and they’re both listed as cruising class. As if they’re not gonna be racing each other. First one to finish loses……..!

Cruising the Discovery Islands with the Pirate Team, 2015

“Dale first heard about the Shipyard Raids when he started to get serious about building his own boat. Researching beach-cruising sailboat designs he stumbled across aging reports of past Raid voyages, and decided that was something worth aspiring to.

He comes to the Barefoot Raid with a life-long love of rowing, paddling and sailing in his local Salish Seas, many years of experience crewing in Vancouver Area Racing Circuit campaigns, and a few rough stretches of seasickness offshore. He participated in the first leg of Race to Alaska 2017 with Team Noddy’s Noggins (a sister-ship to his own Scamp), where he learned new respect for modern weather-reporting accuracy, and gained even more confidence in the seaworthiness of the John Welsford design.

“Luna” sort of chose Dale… all his research was thrown away when he heard about the first Scamp Camp in Port Townsend: build your own microcruising dinghy under the guidance of her designer, with adventurer Howard Rice and two boatwrights assisting. Completed in his townhouse single-car garage in 2014, Luna has taken Dale on amazing adventures, from cruising the Discovery Islands to surfing the standing waves in the Columbia River Gorge.

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