18- Team Scamp: Josh Colvin, Tim Tanner Aboard “Scamp” (12’ish SCAMP Microcruiser)


“As publisher of Small Craft Advisor magazine, one of my jobs is to go sail and cruise small boats. With that requirement in mind I have reluctantly agreed to “take one for the team” and join the Barefoot Raid. But please keep in mind while you guys are having fun I’m actually at work, so if you could try to keep the noise down that would be great. Also it would help if some of you could pull reckless stunts and position your boats in a photogenic way.

My crew is my cousin Tim Tanner, a waterman from down in Point Reyes, California. We’ve survived a number of adventures together and, as incredible as this sounds, he actually enjoys rowing, so it made sense to team up for the Raid. I thinking our fully-laden Scamp ought to row more-or-less like the shells he’s used to. ”

SCAMP is a (roughly) 12-foot microcruiser with a few unusual features, including an offset centerboard, water ballast, and a stowage cabin with a partial cuddy we call the veranda.

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