29 – Team Sylvia: Kilian Barker aboard Sylvia


I built my boat with two others at the Silva bay boat school in 2011. Shes a 15′ Paul Gartside (#140 maybe?) lapstrake fun machine. Launch day was the begining for Sylvia and myself. No previous sailing experince at that point, but eager to get into it. Sailed around the harbour a couple times before 2 of us sailed her back to Denman. Since then have done Many Day trips and a few Week+ trips Rowing and sailing around Texada and up to Cortez and back. We packed 3 of us on there for two weeks at one point, she accomidated us just fine. I keep Sylvia on a Trailer in my Barn, safe and sound the rest of the time.

Hi! I live on Denman, I like Camping, Snowboarding, Sailing general Adventuring, and tinkering on Projects. I have been sailing on and off since 2011. Done mostly day trips, but a few lengthy trips a week or two up and around the straight. I really enjoy that magic feeling of being out on the water, chatting and playing with the wind. I’m exicited to some a longer trip with the aide of a mothership. Seams like a winning combo!

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