30 – Team Over Easy: Ted Sweeny aboard Over Easy


Over Easy is a 1978 Montgomery 17, a 2016 R2AK finisher in different hands and under a different name. When the prior owners loaded this sweet marigold tortoise on a barge in Ketchikan, never wanting to see or smell it again as long as they lived, Ted was a perfect mark – still wrapped in the Stockholm-syndrome of Monty fandom following his survival of the 2015 R2AK, and young and dumb enough to buy a boat essentially sight unseen while it was in transit back to Seattle. Still sporting a number of significant upgrades from R2AK, Over Easy is as ready for the Raid course as she was in 2018.

Six months after Ted learned to sail, a timely, persuasive email earned him a berth on a Ketchikan-bound Montgomery 17 in the 2015 R2AK. The three week trip north left Ted hopelessly strung-out and addicted to Salish Sea salt. Poseidon’s greasy, scaled tentacle is now firmly wrapped around Ted’s ankle, dragging him helplessly through two Seventy48s, half of the 2018 Raid, deliveries to the Caribbean and to Seattle from AK, and to the craigslist ‘boats’ page where the horrid, oozing suckers repeatedly depress Ted’s finger on the “reload” button over and over and over. Ted can boast occasional luck as a boat photographer, a backyard festooned with wretched, mouldering paddlecraft, and employers who at this very moment are likely looking at the preponderance of “OOO – SAILING” entries on Ted’s google calendar and pulling up HR on Slack.

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