16- Team Weta Or Knot: Brian Croll, aboard (14’ Weta trimaran)


“I’m constantly looking for a challenge. Although I’ve spent most of my life on the water on many different boats doing some questionable things, the most memorable adventure was an attempt at the R2AK with my good friend Ryan Wegwitz in 2016 for our 40th birthdays. I met some really cool people in the R2AK and when I heard about the Raid and the fact some of them would be in it, I couldn’t pass it up! (more importantly my wife said yes)
The Weta isn’t probably the best choice for this type of excursion, as ‘overnighting’ wasn’t in the sales brochure. Neither is attaching fenders or even an anchor. Is anyone bringing a toilet I can use? I obviously have some work to do….”

I bought the boat last fall from a local guy who wasn’t really selling. I contacted him for info on another Weta I found in California and after a long discussion he offered his boat to me.

One thought on “16- Team Weta Or Knot: Brian Croll, aboard (14’ Weta trimaran)

  1. Hello Brian,

    I wish you every success on your superbly designed Weta.

    I’m sure you know about Bob Maddison and his retirement from an exceptionally rough R2AK this year. If you’d like to share some thoughts both ways on Weta adventure sailing I’m keen to hear your views.

    I’m the Weta Dealer for the Middle East based in Dubai in the UAE. We are planning adventure races here too, though it’s at a very early stage. I’m preparing my own boat (Weta 470) for trial sailing.

    Please can you make contact by email or through the link on http://www.wetamarine.com ? I’m tagged on the World Map of distributors.

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