-17. Team Better Left Unsaid: Dylan Davenport, Trevor Henderson, Emil Bothma aboard “ Iruya” (19’6” Newfoundland Trap Skiff)



This salty bunch of rowdies represent some of the Silva Bay Shipyard Schools Brightest.

Having grown up in one of BC’s finest coastal communities (never mind which one), Dylan built his Newfoundland Trap Skiff while a student at SBSS.  Having crewed aboard “Dick Smiley” in the ‘15 R2AK, Dylan has decided that boat will present no challenge for his vessel and its crew of elite seafarers.

A graduate of the 99/00 class, Trevor was the assistant instructor at the school for a number of years, and oversaw many of the details while Iruya was under construction. Trevor is a master of his craft, and is responsible for having built the coveted Raid trophy. With his three young sons aboard, they sailed the 09 SBSS Raid in “Ratty”

Returning to his native South Africa upon completion of the SBSS, Emil has come back to Canada, prepared to take on the rugged dampness of the B.C. Coast. A shipwright, a new dad, and a volunteer fire fighter, Emil’s quiet determination will be the counterpoint to Dylan and Trevor’s loud, overbearing displays of showmanship.


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